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Bluesky is a public social network with completely open APIs, so anyone can build a client and have access to the same data that the Bluesky app uses. In fact, the official Bluesky client uses the same APIs that a third-party client uses too.

You can find some existing alternative clients in the community showcase.

Below is a starter template created by You can find the original blog post with the tutorial here.

This tutorial uses Next.js to create a simple Bluesky client in JavaScript.

Getting Started

Create a new Next.js app:

pnpm create next-app --tailwind --eslint --src-dir --ts --app --import-alias="~/*" my-bsky-app

Install the @atproto/api package:

pnpm add @atproto/api

Remove the default Next.js template's CSS by setting src/app/globals.css to the following:

/* src/app/globals.css */
@tailwind base;
@tailwind components;
@tailwind utilities;

Setting up the API client

Next, let's make a new file called src/lib/api.ts and add the following code:

// src/lib/api.ts
import { BskyAgent } from "@atproto/api";

export const agent = new BskyAgent({
// App View URL
service: "",
// If you were making an authenticated client, you would
// use the PDS URL here instead - the main one is
// service: "",

This is our API client we can use to make requests to the App View. Let's make the homepage src/app/page.tsx list the top 10 custom feeds.

// src/app/page.tsx
import { agent } from "~/lib/api";

export default async function Homepage() {
const feeds = await{
limit: 10,

return (
<div className="container mx-auto">
<h1 className="font-bold text-xl my-4">Top Feeds</h1>
{ => (
<li key={feed.displayName}>{feed.displayName}</li>

Run pnpm dev to view a list of the top 10 feeds on Bluesky in the client you just created!