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Action Intent Links

Authors, websites, and apps can use action intent links to implement "Share on Bluesky" buttons, or similar in-app actions. Logged-in users will be directed to the corresponding action view in the Bluesky app (mobile or web app) with context pre-populated. Logged-out users will be prompted to sign-in or create an account first. Following the link does not automatically result in the action; the logged-in user still needs to confirm the action.

Currently only the compose action URL endpoint is implemented.

Compose Post

The compose action URL pre-populates the compose post UI in the Bluesky Social app. A common use case for this action is to implement "Share on Bluesky" style buttons, where a brief description and URL are pre-populated in the post compose box. Similarly, "Share this Article" or "Share your Achievement".

The web URL endpoint is, with the HTTP query parameter text. Remember to use URL-escaping on the query parameter value, and that the post length limit on Bluesky is 300 characters (more precisely, 300 Unicode Grapheme Clusters).

The mobile app URI endpoint is bluesky://intent/compose, with the same query parameter.

For example, Share These Docs!

Button Styling

The Bluesky logo is included in Font Awesome, which can be used as a favicon-style prefix to links.

A higher resolution version of the butterfly logo is included in the Bluesky Press Kit (linked from the bottom of our Press FAQ page).